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Optimizing Breathing While Running

Breathing correctly is one thing that you must apply while it is running . This is that you do not feel short of breath when running . The respiratory system plays an important role in the effectiveness of a runner . If he can carry more oxygen , then he will be stronger than the other runners .

Naturally , one would run out of breath when running . This is because the muscles need more oxygen when doing physical activity . In addition , the lungs will work harder in order to absorb oxygen . Applying an efficient breathing pattern while running will make someone get oxygen more effectively and efficiently . This in turn will enhance the immune system and allows it to run farther and comfortable . Optimizing the rhythm of breath is not a difficult thing . There are several ways that you can apply to help optimize your breathing pattern while running .

5 Tips to optimize breathing while running
1 . Breathing through the mouth
Breathing from the nose while running will make the facial muscles tend to be tightened and hardened jaws . Therefore , try to breathe through the mouth while running , because it will make oxygen into and carbon dioxide out much more than through the nose . Breathing through the mouth will make the facial muscles remain relaxed so that makes you more calm and relaxed . If you start to run out of breath , then slow down a little movement of your feet .

2 . Use abdominal breathing
Try to breathe from the diaphragm or abdomen , not the chest . To train it , lie down on your back and then see abdominal movement while breathing . Correct breathing is when you see the belly go up and down every time breathing , while the chest is less mobile . Apply this technique when you are running .

3 . Take a short breath
Breathing in too deep and long may make it difficult for you to run to far or long . Therefore , breathing is short and not too deep so as to allow you to catch your breath .

4 . Breath rhythmically
The important thing to note is the consistency ( rhythmic ) while breathing . You are encouraged to draw and release rhythmically or consistently , regardless of how fast you are in the running . An example is taking a breath every two steps or three steps run ( according to the condition of the body ) .

5 . Listen to breath
Involve your ears to control breathing . When you hear the panting breath start , then immediately reduce speed running . And when it has stabilized , gradually increase the speed .

Breathe properly while running is important , because it will help you to reduce stress and increase physical stamina well .

source : habaget


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