Friday, March 21, 2014

Dry skin is caused by several things

The skin is the outer layer of the body , or commonly referred to as the sense of touch , buddy Polimoli . Having healthy skin , white and clean is a dream for a woman . For every woman that is willing to do a variety of ways in order to get the skin as they dream . But it is certainly not easy to do , because there are skin problems that often arise , such as dry skin , dull and cracked .

Dry skin can be caused by several things . For example, vitamin deficiencies , dehydrated and too long in the air-conditioned room . Dry skin will surely ruin our appearance if not properly anticipated . Therefore we have to find a way to aspire

Here are some of the triggers of both the effects of dry skin problems from outside and inside :

1 . The weather is too hot and too cold , and pollution .

2 . Stress and the skin sensitive to the use of cosmetics and skin care products such as soaps to lotions .

3 . Too often exposed to sunlight . Because the skin in the area of ? the face tend to be thinner , in the long term conditions can have a negative effect , such as dark spots and skin becomes drier .

4 . Alcohol , cigarettes , caffeine , and certain drugs that interfere with hormone balance .

5 . Illness which leads to reduced body fluids ( diarrhea , vomiting , etc. ) .

6 . Hypothyroidism , a condition in which the thyroid gland produces too little hormone and reduce the production of sweat and oil . As a result , the skin becomes dull and dry .

7 . The age factor , which make your skin tends to be dry . This is due to decreased activity of the oil glands , causing the cells to move more slowly from the bottom to the top surface of the skin . Not surprisingly , without the support with proper treatment , the skin becomes dull and rough look .

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Wulan Dalu

wah sejak kapan jd pengamat Skin bro? hehe
numpang lewat, jgn di kick ya :D


hehehe, pengamat skin nya istri *ups

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